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How it works
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Spamkiss - how it works
John is totally fed up with receiving Spam. That's why he has decided, that from now on, he is going to protect his Mailbox with Spamkiss.
John has copied his entire address book into his Kisslist. Every new address John writes to, will be stored automatically in his Kisslist. This means that most of his mail partners will not even notice that he is using Spamkiss.
Moreover John will be able to provide every new mail partner with his Token. This Token will only be required for the very first contact. As Spamkiss will memorize the address and store it on the Kisslist. john@beer.net

So what's in it for John?

From now on he can be certain, that every email he wants to receive will be delivered to his Inbox - and -he is through with Spammers.

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